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your finest hour?
  Santafairy, Jul 14 2018

what was your finest hour?

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bag opinions
  Santafairy, May 07 2018


$250-$310, all leather, one compartment with divider, 1.63kg, 38.5 x 29.5 x 7
-will last a long time
-heavy duty zipper that goes all the way down the sides
-also formal
-might get worried about something happening to it or forgetting it, have to keep it off the floor in a bathroom stall, don't want to lose my stuff


$130-$160, leather accents, one compartment with divider, made in China, 1.06kg, 38 x 28 x 7
-unique plaid look
-also designer but half nylon so in between 1 and 3?


$90, 0.8kg , 39 x 29 x 7.5
-light and multiple compartments -> can pack more, overnighter flexibility
-don't care if it gets beat up every day
-comfortable handles
-won't last as long


$75, ~1kg, ~40x30x8
-is a bag
-multiple compartments
-handles are actually same material as bag not cloth as in the picture

I DON'T carry a laptop or tablet

Poll: What bag would you get?
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(Vote): fuck it #4

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  Santafairy, Feb 26 2015

what do you guys do for supplements? i am not asking in reference to bodybuilding, although i exercise, but for being better generally, healthier - less dying, more/better energy, whatever. i don't know much or where to start. i know vitamins exist but do you just grab any multivitamin? or can it be like water poisoning where you wouldn't expect it but it's bad to take more than you really need? i know there's fish oil, i saw cranberry extract, i know melatonin is supposed to be a legit sleep aid. aspirin for heart?

I have no background with this so I want to sort out things that have no effect and things made by people like Deepak Chopra... what do you take or what have you had success with?

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