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$100 stars/paypal
  Santafairy, Feb 01 2019

Looking for someone who wants to transfer $100 on Stars for my $100 on Paypal

Flexible if you're looking for a different amount more or less

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incremental vs. epiphanic improvement
  Santafairy, Dec 09 2018

What's something you got good at little by little over time? And what's something you worked on over a long period of time but had delayed improvement? And then after a while everything seemed to come together at once? Explain what the process was like. Was it constant effort or did your commitment fluctuate? Was it spread out over years or short and intense? When you were going through it did you ever doubt what you were doing?

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your finest hour?
  Santafairy, Jul 14 2018

what was your finest hour?

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